Fly high, put your feet on the cliff edge, lean forward, open your arms and let yourself fall. Don’t look down, keep your eyes up because that’s where you’re headed, not at the bottom of the cliff. Use the air currents in your favour to plan and re-raise, draw wide circles in the sky without having to flap your wings. Fly with the least possible effort.

Believe in yourself, if you don’t, nobody will. Keep the faith in your strength, in your dreams, in your projects, in everything that comes from within. Don’t feel overwhelmed if others do not understand where you are heading to or if they constantly ask you what your plans for the future are: they are who they are, they’re not you. Although they love you or they are part of your life, they’re not you, they don’t feel what you feel, they don’t know what you do know about yourself.

Therefore, focus on yourself, do not waste your precious energy giving explanations to everyone, and above all, do not lose confidence in your ability. Keep your eyes up, remember? You’re not headed to the bottom of the cliff, that’s not the place you have to look at. Open your heart and listen, step by step, you will slowly discover all your power. Feed your creativity, even if it doesn’t give an immediate result, creativity is an accomplishment in itself. Create beautiful things, radiate love, love always pays back. It’s like an antenna, it will bring you more love and a thousand good things.

In your darkest hour, when it seems that fate strikes you down, when sadness and distress take hold of everyone around you, don’t let yourself be dragged along. Fly over it. Feel the sadness and distress, because you are human, but don’t be bogged down, look beyond it. Although there is often no logical explanation for suffering, if you can look beyond it you will find hope. Faith is always there if you keep your eyes on the horizon. Adding more distress to other people’s suffering does not help to improve the situation. Spreading a little serenity does.

It’s all clear, then, from now on remember: you’re supposed to live life, not understand it. Take each and every moment and cherish them in your heart: the good experiences as well as the bad ones, they all help us grow. Do not waste time in giving too many explanations to your own mind, that deceiver often sows the seeds of distrust. Put your feet on the cliff edge, lean forward, open your arms, let yourself fall and fly high, my dear.


Cover photo by Fabrice Van Opdenbosch

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