Akashic Reading

The word Akasha is Sanskrit in origin and means ‘ether’. According to Hinduism, ether is the fifth of the great elements (after land, water, air and fire) that make up the natural world.

The Akashic Records are the files on which all the intentions, emotions, thoughts and actions of every soul embodied on this planet are etched, from the moment they separate from the source, until they return to the origin point.

They are one of the highest sources of knowledge from which we can draw information about our soul. When our Akashic Records are opened, we connect with our Higher Self, that is, an evolved version of ourselves.

The benefits derived from a reading of the Akashic Records are multiple: to discover the purpose of our soul and our present life, to better understand our relationships and the reason why certain situations are constantly repeated, to know the influence of past lives in our present, to receive information and guidance that will help us in a time of transition.

The information that is revealed is only and exclusively that which our soul is capable of understanding at the time of reading and is always compatible with the evolutionary moment in which we find ourselves.

Those who desire a reading of Akashic Records should write a maximum of five questions before coming to the appointment (the average duration of a reading is a couple of hours).

The wording of these questions is in itself an active part of the reading, because it invites the client to introspection and analysis of their life, to find out where they got stuck.

There are a few rules to follow in formulating the questions:

1) Ask only what is important to you. Do not be guided by a superficial curiosity.

2) Do not ask questions about a third person, because we do not have permission to open someone else’s Records without their consent. You may, however, refer to your relationship with these people.

3) Avoid questions whose answer is yes or no, because these decisions depend on you and the Masters cannot influence your free will.

4) ) Avoid questions that begin with “When…?” Time ‘up there’ is measured in a different way from how we do it ‘down here’.

Finally, it is important to remember that we do not only receive information from the Akashic Records. The opening of the channel of contact with the Akasha fills us with a very high-vibration energy that expands our consciousness and causes breakouts and karmic healing.

We are reconnected to an ancestral force that frees us and heals us spiritually. Therefore, we do not have to consider a reading of Akashic Records as a simple ‘consult with the upper floors’. It is a real act of awareness, a contact with the Masters that causes a great spiritual expansion.

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