Paola guided me in a spiritual healing experience through the practice of Reiki, ThetaHealing®, and Inter-Generational Therapy. The experience I have had has been overwhelmingly positive, the work was deep and full and I can safely say that it was worth the effort.

During the ThetaHealing®meditation I have reached a very high level of concentration compared to my standard, this technique is very efficient and Paola has a great ability to channel the emotional and meditative stages of the client, respecting its time and guiding it firmly during the entire process. The final feeling was that of deep catharsis, of understanding of my path, of joy.

The experience of the Inter-Generational Therapy was for me totally new and it had stunning results: Paola led the therapy with extreme sensitivity demonstrating in full her excellent quality in the leading role. This experience helped me to open my eyes and clarify some of my behavior patterns and some point of views I had about my life. The results of this therapy are tangible for me because they have really turned around some dynamics that were unclear with reference of those around me.

Paola has been able to manage the emotions I felt while working with seriousness and with great sweetness. I entrusted her with extreme confidence and the experience through which she supported me had and still has a great weight on the way in which I approach my path. Thanks Paola!

Chiara, Italy.

I have been dealing with bowel problems and sleep apnoea for a long time. After a full check-up, the doctors declared that the main cause of my physical condition was stress. So I decided to try reiki and entrusted myself to Paola for weekly reiki sessions. After a few weeks, I noticed the benefits of this therapy on my mood and, little by little, Paola was able to identify the cause of my intestinal problems on an emotional level. We started working on that immediately and I definitely feel better. I will continue the reiki treatments at Paola’s studio because I love the positive effect that reiki has had on my everyday life .
Begoña, Spain.

Before we start our reiki session, I feel comforted by talking to you about what I feel. You are able to make me feel like I’m listened to.

During the reiki session, I gradually let myself go and I feel a strong connection with you. I am happily surprised by sensing your presence behind every emotional block I have… and then, afterwards, I feel peace and calm.

Montse, Spain.

I had my first session of reiki almost out of curiosity and I immediately felt a sense of well-being. I continued with further sessions to fight anxiety, back pain and sciatic nerve problems and, since I started the treatment, I’ve had no more problems. Before the reiki treatments, my back was often stiff and I frequently felt a suffocating anxiety on my chest. With a few sessions, I’ve got a real feeling of well-being, my back is much better and my anxiety is almost gone. Unfortunately, my job and family responsibilities mean I don’t have much time for myself, but as soon as I have a bit of time I have a reiki session, and I can immediately feel a positive energy. I advise everyone to have reiki even the most skeptical people… Seeing is believing… Thanks, Paola!!!
Francesca, Italy.

I had a persistent pain in my right elbow for weeks that didn’t allow me to carry heavy bags. Failing to solve the problem medically, I turned to reiki thanks to Paola and, despite my initial suspicion and skepticism, I noticed that after a couple of sessions the pain had completely gone. I have benefitted not just physically, but also in terms of peace of mind and deep relaxation.
Veronica, Italy.

I have to thank Paola for her Reiki sessions. I had been sick during a few months and I was taking medicines to decrease a big cyst in my left ovary, which caused me a lot of pain and bleeding. It was a very hard period for me and I was in a poor state of health. As soon as I started having Reiki sessions I noticed some changes in me. At the end of one of the sessions I felt movements in the pelvic area and, when I got home, I began to expel mucus and vaginal flow. This went on for a whole day. The next day the bleeding stopped and I began to feel better, the pain ceased and I felt full of life.

After a few weeks I went to the gynaecologist. I was scared because during that visit she would tell me if I had to undergo surgery to have the ovary removed or if I had to start a very aggressive treatment … the surprise of my gynaecologist was enormous when she realized that she could not see the cyst. She could not believe it and she repeated the ultrasound twice. She told me that the cyst had disappeared. From that moment I began to enjoy my life in a deeper way and I felt very grateful for everything I have. Thanks Paola !!!

Rosa, Spain.

The Thetahealing therapy  for me has had the same effect as watering an almost withered plant . Although I was alive, I lived life waiting on the side lines. The therapy made me aware of the fact that the plant has roots, that are still alive and that allows the plant to grow new leaves. It has been like being reborn, I am aware of who I am and I smile again at life breathing pure air deeply. Now I know that maybe it will rain, but after the rain the sun comes out again …. free at last… Thanks Paola
Fabrice, Italy.

A few days ago I went under surgery to have dental implants put in, one in my upper jaw and the other in my lower jaw. I did not know that it would cause me such acute pain, I spent some sleepless nights taking antibiotics and painkillers, but the pain did not decrease. I asked Paola for an appointment and I trusted her, I was desperate, I could neither speak nor eat …

Fifteen minutes after the beginning of the session the toothpain decreased and during the rest of the day I noticed that it was no longer so sharp. I could finally sleep through the night and the next day the pain had decreased so much that I had no need to take painkillers. I could also sleep and eat a little bit more. I’m very happy! Thanks Paola !!!

Rosa, Spain.

Paola gave Reiki to my 12 year old son. Nothing worries a mother more than her children’s health: after his grandmother’s death and as a consequence of locking hiself in his pain, my son started suffering from panic attacks and abdominal pain. Thanks to Paola and her Reiki treatments my son can “breathe deeply” again. He managed to get in touch with his feelings and he can finally talk to and about his grandmother. Thank you Paola!
Eulàlia, Barcelona

The Reiki session with Paola was a gift and I was really surprised by its consequences. It was a short, but very intense experience when I felt that what was blocking my emotions dissolved, leaving room for new feelings. It was full of contrasts: I felt an unbearable pressure on my chest (so much so that I could hardly breathe) that was finally released by my own tears. Just after that, I was invaded by a refreshing feeling of lightness, I could feel the air filling my lungs again and I could breathe more deeply.

During the whole session I could feel Paola’s strength and energy. She respected my personal process without interfering, in silence, even though she was making me feel that she was there beside me. At the end of the session Paola briefly explained me what she had felt without making any judgment, leaving me free to interpret the meaning of her message. Those words and her way of expressing them strengthened the impression I had had during the session and confirmed me her reliability, her commitment and respect. That experience was life-changing and its effects went far beyond the session itself. I now feel more lucid and I am able to behave as an observer of myself without judging me. For the first time in my life, when I was not even looking for it, I finally have the answers to my questions: why is this always happening to me? What should I do to …? How do I do to …?

I realized that the answers to our questions are there, within us, but many of us cannot reach them. Thanks to Paola’s accompaniment I could finally listen to them.

Marta, Spain

I deeply thank you for everything you’ve managed to bring out in me during just one session. I was able to understand many things that I didn’t get before and I have to say that I feel better with myself now. Although it is too early to see if I actually changed on that point, I have to admit that since our meeting I haven’t burst into rage as I used to. I feel different and it is because of the Reiki session with you. Thanks again, you have been a grate discovery!
Tamara, Spain

My session of Akashic reading with Paola was very beautiful: I liked her clarity, her closeness and her sincere desire to help. When I went to see her, my head was full of questions, but in the end I let my mind go and I began to listen to my heart. She managed to help me with some things that I didn’t accept, such as having to follow certain rules and meditate every day: at first I rebelled against it, but then, after listening to what she had to say, I opened myself to that possibility and since last December I have not stopped meditating. I am totally convinced that this was the best advice that my guides could give me.

I have no more doubts now, I do not need to travel constantly because I found a deep peace of mind and I can flow with my life.

Thank you, Paola for the valuable advice you gave me! That helped me a lot!

Ester, Spain

When I started my sessions with Paola I was not aware of how closed my soul was. You make our path in this dimension much happier, you are the medium our spiritual guides use to help us. Now I think that had I not known you, my life would be much more complicated! I thank you for helping my son (11 years old) to overcome his father’s death and to take out all the anger he felt inside and could not control: he is now a completely different child who faces emotions peacefully. I thank your spiritual guides that help you accomplish your job, you are like a “chicken soup on a winter night” for our souls. Thanks Paola!
Elvira, Spain

Paola was an inspiration to her passion and profession. For me it was my first experience of Reiki and I went with an “open mind”, not sure what to expect, I was greeted by Paola and made to feel welcome and her expertise and skill were excellent. I would truly recommend going to experience a magical moment.

Nigel, Great Britain

I had such a great time. Paola was very welcoming and friendly and talked me through what to expect. It was the first time I had ever done Reiki and I really enjoyed- will definitely look into doing more of this in future. I had a great time and would recommend to anyone.

Ida, New Zealand

I booked this session not knowing what to expect, and I’m so happy I did! Paola is very open, insightful and passionate about what she does, and offers a unique experience that leaves you feeling very zen! She also had some great advice for me personally- thanks again Paola!

Lisa, New Zealand

I am very happy for choosing the Jikiden Reiki seminar with Paola: I found it to be a simple and direct technique that perfectly adapts to everyday life and that immediately made me want to run home to practice with the members of my family. This discipline also helped me in my work as a masseuse, increasing my sensitivity to the energies of the body and sensing what areas are the ones that mostly need my touch.

Chiara, Italy

A reading of our Akashic Records is a profound journey to discover all those unanswered questions in our lives that, almost magically, suddenly start having a single common thread. With her calm presence and her soft voice, Paola has guided me on this journey, channeling important messages for me that, in an unconscious way, I was hiding from myself. This inner truth has unleashed a new force that was drowned out by the intellect that rules our Western society. Her deep empathy will leave you ecstatic and help you feel relieved. This was my experience: a journey that showed me my new path and all for a quite reasonable price!

Eva, Italy

I wanted to thank you for the time you have dedicated to me to allow me to look deeply in my soul. At first I wasn’t quite sure about starting this process, not because I didn’t believe in you, but because I sensed that I would have a reading of myself that I might not like. A week after my Akashic Records reading, I can say that it is a profound experience that opened small windows on my life. I had many different feelings: crying, laughter, relief, a heavy heart: it has been a bit like living a whole day in a few hours! Now I pay attention to the little signs that I find along the way and that were already under my eyes, but that I had never really seen before. I think it is an experience that I will want to do again and that I strongly recommend to everyone!

Laura, Italy

Thank you so much for the intense Reiki session, I really appreciate your professionalism and competence and I will gladly share my experience with my acquaintances.

Maeva, France

The Jikiden Reiki seminar given by Paola is the most interesting I have attended in my life because it connected me with the “real me”. The simplicity of this genuine Japanese discipline and singing the Gokai in the original language helped me lift my spirit and see clearly in my soul. In a society that praises a fast and superficial lifestyle, this discipline is very useful to regain balance and inner peace.

Silvia, Italy

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