Every time someone asks me for a reading of their Akashic Records I have to explain that it is not a session with a fortune teller. I suppose that the word reading reminds people of reading the hand and telling the future, I therefore realized that many people face this experience with the same attitude they would have if they met an oracle: tell me what my destiny is.

Nothing. There’s nothing in your destiny because it simply doesn’t exist. You create it yourself the moment you make a choice or you just think about something instead of something else. Many of us are used to believing that we cannot avoid some events in our lives, since there is a superior force that controls everything, better known as the fate of each one of us. Well, in my opinion, fate doesn’t exist either, we create our own future with every decision we make.

This concept was not entirely clear to me until I began to read the Akashic Records. I realized that, based on the history of their soul, which is actually written in the Akashic Records, there are different possibilities for the person who makes the query. Some of these will become true only if certain instructions are followed. Here’s an example: according to the Akashic Records someone has the possibility to become a famous expert in a specific field. However, they will have to take some courses, work hard and make up a long-term experience before they earn their new position. The idea is tempting, but, if on one hand there’s a physically and emotionally challenging possibility, and on the other hand a steady job and a firmly rooted comfort zone, there’s a high chance that, despite the initial excitement for something new and great, in the end that person will decide to maintain their status quo.

It is a legitimate choice. Unlike our Catholic culture, the Akashic Records do not have the concepts of guilt or punishment, they only consider the idea of responsibility. This means that if someone has a wonderful gift (everyone has one, they just need to find out which one it is) and they do not use it, it is very likely that life will turn them into bored and irritated human beings. I would even say that life is not responsible for this process: we are. We were able to discover our full potential, but did not take a leap of faith because we were terrified of leaving our comfort zone. On a subconscious level this decision turns into a vibrational change that, in our daily life, means that we freeze on the emotional and professional level giving up the newly discovered gift.

Nobody is immune to this process. There are tons of situations in our life where we can decide to follow a certain advice or not and every crossroads brings different consequences. I was totally aware of that when I noticed that two Akashic Records readings for the same person on the same subject could be completely different. Let’s say that opening someone’s Records is a bit like asking a wise grandmother for advice: she will tell us what she thinks, but the final choice is obviously always ours.

At the end of the day, I think that acceptance is the secret to make our decisions with peaceful souls. If we are aware that everything that happens to us is the result of our decisions and not of a divine conspiracy,y it will be much easier for us to accept our daily experiences. When in doubt, remember that listening to the advice of a wise grandmother is always the best choice.


Cover picture by Fabrice Van Opdenbosch


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