This morning (day I-don’t-remember-what of lockdown, I just decided not to count them anymore) I woke up and received good news: for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak the number of new infections in Italy decelerated. Nothing to shout about, since the number of people infected is still very high, but it’s good to know that we are going in the right direction, that the decisions made so far are the right ones.

I celebrated the news by making coffee and having it out on the terrace to enjoy the view of my wonderful village wrapped in the morning light. Since the social distancing regulation came into effect, I have consciously decided not to think of the economic impact that this situation will have on our lives and of how and when we will get out of this.

I have decided to focus only on the positive aspects: my family is fine, we have a roof over our heads, we can afford to buy food and even have a wonderful view that cheers us up when we’re feeling blue. I don’t agree with people who compare this situation to war. Our lives have changed completely because of an external danger, but I think that that’s the only thing that can associate this case to war. Our situation is still privileged and we shouldn’t compare it to the ones who experienced food rationing and bombs falling on their houses!

Later  that morning I went to the small grocery store in my village keeping my good thoughts in my mind and a smile on my face and Valentina, the saleswoman, gave me two € 20 discount vouchers. On a normal day I just would have been glad, but today, I was just exhilarated. (Isolation and the unforeseen circumstances must have played an important role here) “I knew it would be a good day, I just knew it! Good things happen when you’re happy!”

“Yes! Energy follows thought” Valentina replied. It’s a well-worn theme that most of us know, but it would be good to remember it and put it into practice in times like this. Gratitude attracts abundance, joy attracts happiness, self-esteem brings good people around us. Sometimes we cannot help feeling sadness, rage and dissatisfaction, but we should remember that, if we nurture these feelings, they could take us to the edge of the abyss. The choice is always ours.


Cover picture by Martina García Andreoli

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