I always thought that the phrase “Do not give pearls to swine” is an extremely classist sentence. How come that Jesus, the man who preached unconditional love for one’s neighbour, gives such inflexible advice?

Now I think I have finally understood that this sentence is an act of love towards oneself and, as a consequence, towards others. I’ll make myself clear: I believe that love with a capital L, sacred love, can flourish only between people that are on the same emotional, mental and moral vibration.

An easy example is that if I consider loyalty as the foundation of my relationship, but I choose share my life with a cheater, I am literally throwing my love away. If I am an honest person and I see shady deals going on in my workplace, this could cause me serious moral damage. If I am a generous friend and in my circle there are people who take advantage of it, I will suffer deeply.

Everything that happens in our life will teach us something: to love ourselves, to know our self-worth, to be more self-conscious. This, however, does not mean that we must endure never ending humiliations. And here Jesus’ advice comes into play. When I have learnt my lesson, I integrate it into my life, I thank my master and cut and run.

If a person does not enrich my life, but, on the other hand, they make me weaker, if I have to explain them love, what I mean by love, then that kind of love is not enough, it has no structure, it’s just a pearl thrown to swine.

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