Jikiden Reiki that I practice and teach is based on five principles that are a wealth of wisdom to a balanced lifestyle, a way to feel in harmony with ourselves, other people and the environment.

Since Jikiden Reiki is a Japanese healing method, the principles (Gokai) are spoken in the original language to preserve the powerful sound of the words. Believe me when I tell you that the sound of Gokai in Japanese is solemn and wonderful.

The first teaching left by Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) is Kyo dake wa: just for today. It is a call to stay in the present moment, that is, after all, the only reality since the past is gone and the future does not exist yet.

In the time of coronavirus kyo dake wa is a very useful advice: just for today, we stay home, just for today, we protect ourselves and others, just for today we accept what comes with peace of mind and common sense. If we only focus on the long days of quarantine yet to come our life could turn into hell, we could feel that we cannot stand the housebound any longer and that we are going crazy.

However, if we live day by day everything changes. Let’s stay in the present moment, let’s think of how we can take care of ourselves, let’s make up new ways to do what we like: almost everything can be done online from yoga class to group meditation, even a toast with friends on video call! Let’s be patient and repeat it like a mantra kyo dake wa: just for today I take care of myself and the rest of society by staying at home and by cheering up, trusting that sooner or later this too shall pass and we will be stronger and wiser.


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