Do you know what the crow pose in yoga is? It is a balancing posture: we squat with our feet as close together as possible, we separate our thighs, our shins press against our upper arms. We put our hands on the mat and slowly lean forward shifting our weight from our legs to our arms. The final part of the exercise is a little bit like flying, we stay there, balancing, keeping our arms and abs strong to avoid falling flat on our face.

Until yesterday this position was like a feat worthy of Cirque du Soleil to me. I looked enviously at my yoga classmates as they floated like crows while I just squatted, paralyzed by fear. During the last class, however, I calmly prepared the pose, stared at a point in front of me and slowly lifted my feet off the ground! It was no big deal really, it lasted only a couple of seconds, but it was a good self-esteem boost. Finally, I was flying too!

Then I began to think: what is the difference between yesterday and the previous lessons? It’s not the training because I missed the last classes. It’s not the closeness of the teacher either because I’m always in the front row. It must have been something that had given me internal stability, something that, for the first time, helped me overcome the fear of trying.

I suddenly remembered a meditation made a few days before and some thoughts that came to my mind in that moment of inner silence. I visualized roots that went from my first chakra, at the base of my spine, to the center of the planet. Then the earth energy came back to me up the roots and activated a transpersonal chakra (outside the body) called Star of the Earth, which is under our feet. This energy center is very important for our stability: if it is not balanced and we are not aware of its presence we are not deeply rooted. The consequence is the feeling of being outside our body, crushed by our own fears and paranoia, unable to face stress and reality.

When we meditate we often focus on the upper chakras because we want the third eye and the crown chakra to be active and open in order to increase our intuitive potential. Well, I just understood that earth is as important as heaven and that the balance between these two worlds is essential in our well-being.

There are people who live aggressively and are driven by basic instincts because their first three chakras are very open. Others, however, are very sensitive to subtle energies because their four upper chakras (heart, throat, third eye and crown) are fully developed. We might be led to think that the second case is better than the first, but, in my opinion this is unfortunately not true. We live in a dual world of light and shadow, where our basic instincts are as important as our spiritual development. Lightworkers will be successful in this dimension only if they root deeply, if they embrace all the contradictions of this reality, if they accept their own dark side.

There’s not only light in this world, we have to find a balance between our earthly and our spiritual sides, we should be aware of all the different facets to our nature. If we do that, nothing can throw us off center in difficult times because we are firmly grounded: so deeply rooted that we’ll even be able to take flight.

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