We often perceive life as a constant struggle, because of the stress caused by day-to-day life and the mystery that surrounds many experiences that we live.

Why did this happen to me? What is the point of living an experience that has caused me so much pain? Why does that person make me feel constantly frustrated and angry?

Opening our own Akashic Records allows us to obtain two benefits. The first one is to change our point of view about what happens to us: it is a bit like seeing the world through a wide angle lens, if before we could see only part of the image, now we can contemplate the entire horizon. Changing our point of view towards a situation or a person allows us to let go of heavy emotions and useless burdens.

It’s a useful tool for our spiritual evolution: changing our way of thinking, in fact, allows us to feel differently. Self-pity gives way to a deep self-consciousness that brings serenity. How would our way of life change if we understood that the situation we find ourselves in is not a “divine punishment” but an important lesson for our evolution?

The Akashic Records have become accessible to everyone at the end of the 1960s precisely to allow a large-scale evolution of human beings. This is the second benefit that I mentioned at the beginning.

Each person working for their own spiritual ascension helps the planet to a general ascension.

The time has finally come for us to realize that the common situation depends on each one of us. You can no longer point your finger at others and hold them responsible for the dire conditions the planet is in, we have to roll up our sleeves and wash our own dirty laundry. The planet is primarily our responsibility and how we react to life weighs heavily on the fate of the world.

Opening our Akashic Records is like opening a cosmic portal or tuning into a different radio wave, it allows us to change our way of being, our vision of the world and, consequently, the reality we live in.

The phrase that my guides have been constantly repeating lately when I open my Registers is: “Aren’t you tired of feeling frustrated, of repeating the same patterns as if you lived an eternal “groundhog day? ”

Exactly: aren’t we?

If you want to work on your self-consciousness in a deeper way through the consultation of your Akashic Records in video call or through a remote Reiki session, you will find me here.

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