When someone gives you their version of the facts you should consider it as the truth, or at least their truth, the only one that this person can understand. You have no right to judge neither their level of evolution, nor the fruits of their work because it’s theirs.

Keep your work in mind, talk about yourself if you like, but without judging anyone because, otherwise you will do more harm than good. If your neighbors finally went through a rough patch, be happy for them, even if you’re no longer part of that moment of awareness, even if the situation hasn’t developed in the way you expected: be happy because now they finally have the chance to learn how to cultivate their garden and how to take care of themselves.

Every step you take side by side with the people who cross your path is the fruit of decisions made by both parties long before coming into this world. When the souls are reunited, they walk for a while together, but sometimes they part again because it’s time for them to follow their own path to keep on growing.

Worry about yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself and love. Love always returns multiplied a thousand times. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid to lose someone or something? In life, nobody loses anything or anyone, we only get lost sometimes. And we come back to our senses. And get lost again, but our faith shouldn’t waver.

Stay rooted, faithful to your heart, your house and your garden, everything starts and ends there. Let go of the past, after all, it was a good lesson. Look ahead, spread your wings and fly. You don’t need a co-pilot, but if one day someone walks by your side remember that you’ll have to accept every single detail of that person: each comma, each shadow, each flaws. Just the way you want to be accepted with your extra pounds, your vitiligo skin condition and your small and big obsessions.

Your clients deserve the same level of acceptance because sometimes they will be able to reach some goals, sometimes they won’t, but it will always be their way, not yours! Always keep an eye on your way. Look at yourself, search inside you. Don’t judge others, they deal with their choices, not your own. Life can be wonderful: with some people we cross our paths a thousand times, with others only for a few moments, but be sure that there’s always a prize behind each encounter.

Let life flow, be amazed at how fantastic it can be.

Don’t hold on to people, don’t possess.

Be happy, be free.

Cover picture by Martina García Andreoli

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