What happens when we start a new journey? What do we bring with us of the world we know? What do we store? What do we throw away to travel light on the path? What kind of shoes do we wear to walk faster, safer? How do we reduce the anguish that always pervades the moments that anticipate a movement into the unknown?

The journey is about to begin and I’m distressed, but I decided that I will only listen to the advice of the person that really knows me and guides me well: myself. That little voice that comes from the inside and we often do not listen to. The ‘guts’ that speak to us and that are always right. We unfortunately often silence that little voice because “it is not logical, it is frowned upon, other people would not do that.” We tend to consider the opinions of others better than our own. Perhaps we act like that because we have been taught that to follow our desire is a synonym of being stubborn or egocentric, and that you must listen to someone else’s point of view, in order to be more objective.

Perhaps this is true, but I think that there is not such a thing as objectivity, there are only personal points of view. And my point of view is as good as yours. I can ask for someone else’s opinion if I buy a pair of shoes, or if I have to choose a dress to wear on a special occasion. But when it comes to MYSELF, to make an important decision regarding my future, to start a new journey, I only entrust myself. That little voice coming from my gut that is always right. No matter what my best friend, my sister, or even my mother say.

It is not self-obsession or stubbornness, it is love for myself, it is faith in my soul, that always lights the way. And I’m sure that this time around my soul will make me travel light, put a pair of comfortable walking boots and it will even give me a stick to lean on in the toughest stretches of the path. I have not chosen an easy track, but I’m sure it will be beautiful: I already glimpse the green meadows, wide rivers and wonderful peaks from where you can see the whole valley.

So I take the first step with a bit of fear in my heart, but at the same time feeling very confident and full of gratitude: I’m in good company!

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