How many times have we thought that the people around us did not love us enough? How many times have we complained about our partner, lover, mother, father, siblings not being there when we most needed them?  How much sadness and distress have we felt as we repeated these allegations in a loop? How much resentment has kept us living in the painful memories of our past, not allowing us to move forward?

People make mistakes.  We all consciously or unconsciously hurt each other. Since no man is an island, every time we take a decision, there’s the risk to hurt someone. On the other hand, we often forget that we are all human beings. Therefore, if other people make mistakes there’s a very high possibility that we can be wrong as well. By the same principle, if other people change, we will very likely change as well.

It is very important to fully understand what we feel and to be aware of the fact that those feelings create the reality around us. Our responsibility about this matter is enormous.

If we do not trust our partner the truth probably is that deep down we have no self-confidence. If we think that our parents do not love us the truth probably is that we are responsible for shutting the door to loving and understanding them. If we cling to the sadness and resentment of the past we will not be given the opportunity to rebuild our future.

Therefore, if, at some point in our life, we ​​have asked ourselves Why can’t I find the man / woman of my life? Why don’t I have a good relationship with my parents? Why don’t I have friends? The answer to those questions can only be found within ourselves. And that answer is very likely to be because you do not allow yourself to start over.

The first step we should take to start afresh is to be aware of our own responsibilities about what is lacking in our life. We should release all those negative emotions that keep us living in the past and gradually open our heart to accept everything we say we want, but that, in fact, we are not ready to accept yet.

The most  important thing in life is love and loving someone means being there for them: with an open heart to let the relationship flow, firm legs to guide it and strong will to allow it to grow.


Cover picture by  Fabrice Van Opdenbosch

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