Years ago life took its toll on me. It happens to everyone sooner or later, we all make choices: divorces, demanding jobs, long periods of poorly managed stress. My annus horribilis came in the form of a divorce, a very young girl I had to raise on my own and another romantic relationship that ended almost before even starting. With all those problems, my body just said “that’s it! You have a choice: you either find a balance in your mind and soul, or you will never sleep soundly again, digest your meals and feel at peace with yourself.”

Not a good premise, indeed. My first decision was to put out the fire by going to the doctor and asking him to give me some sleeping pills so that I could temporarily control the situation. I basically needed to go back to sleep at night. The second decision I took was to open up, to look for that “something else” that would allow me to see what was going on inside me.

Once the decision was made, it was quite easy to find the right path for me. The world of complementary therapies is wide and varied and you can be sure that everything that you find along the way and somehow clicks in your heart is the right tool for you.

From that moment, I found Reiki, which taught me the importance of silence, to pay attention to the body and its intimate connection with the soul; the Thetahealing that helped me get rid of all the mental programs that wouldn’t allow me to be happy; the Akashic Records that gave me a wise guide in times of need. It is also worth mentioning other therapies that I do not teach, but that I often use when I need them: Bach flowers and homeopathy to heal the physical symptoms of emotional distress, osteopathy and yoga for body-mind balance, family constellations to understand the reason of the repetition of some situations in my life.

I remember what a friend told me once about his sessions with a psychologist. “You only live in the horizontal dimension, you lack the vertical one” he was told after months of therapy. The horizontal dimension the therapist was referring to is the daily life (actions, thoughts, activities in general), while the vertical dimension is everything that refers to the patient’s soul (intuition, faith, hope). These impalpable things are the ones that make us feel at peace with ourselves when something bad happens.

If we are aligned with our spirit and manage to keep a constant connection with it, we will not only stare at the floor, on the horizontal dimension, but we will keep our eyes on the sky and an invisible force will guide us filling us with hope. This is the added value of complementary therapies.

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